Leah Hemberry Ricketts

Co-founder/Producer/ Photographer
Leah bio

Leah Hemberry is Colchuck's creator, bringing reality to an idea that seemed crazy;

Just make stuff. Real stuff, electronic stuff, stuff that matters. It works for her.  An exemplary student, savvy business person and certified hot mom, Leah's eye for design has led her to design floral arrangements for the rich and famous, photography and art for the moderately affluent and media for the masses.

No stranger to the nuances of travel over rock, snow or water, Leah is a country girl who has grown to be a citizen of her world, actively fighting for the basic human rights of health and well being. That, and she grows a mean garden.


Russ Ricketts

Co-founder/Head Rigger/Underwater Photographer
Russ bio

An unlikely documentarian, Russ Ricketts was a terrible student. His inquisitive, yet slightly asymmetrical mind led to much mischief and the occasional hijinks in school. Apparently unable to grasp the subtle nuances of his native language, his teachers were drove to officially declare him persona non grata from English classes. 

After a dishonorable discharge from High School he pursued a career in the lucrative amateur snowboarding industry, earning many accolades and affections from his friends and colleagues, but never an actual paycheck from his memorable, yet slightly out of control antics.

Never one to idle, Russ worked in a variety of jobs including beachman, stagehand, high steel rigger and social media guru to the stars.

His illustrious and storied career as a member of the Ekuk Beach Gang is his most proud professional accomplishment; his name is prominently listed next to ‘ Big Craig’ on the Beachmen's Memorial Wall. Russ was lost at sea in 1997, but was found 10 minutes later wandering out of the surf, soaking wet and demanding a pay raise and new pair of underwear, both of which he did not receive.

In his later years, Russ met the love of his life, Leah, and they were engaged to marry after a brief three week courtship. Widely considered to be the brains of the outfit, Leah is a patient and loving woman, suffering through Russ’s constantly evolving series of strange hobbies and interests with grace and no lack of witty commentary.

Russ is Colchuck’s resident key grip, underwater cameraman head sherpa and dad.